Upside Down

I’ve thought over ten thousand thoughts,
And some I’ll never tell:
That upside be the wrong side,
And downside just as well.
We’re taught that downside be quite wrong,
But one cannot be sure.
For minds are simply free to flow
As though an uncaged bird.

I’ve seen from many different eyes:
The butterfly’s and bee’s;
But I’ve not seen a downside
While flitting through the breeze.

I’ve seen the world so closely,
But answers can’t be found.
There is no right nor wrong, dear,
Because of upside down.


I Dreamt

I dreamt I was the beating mass
That gives the dreamer thoughts.
I saw the world through his eyes,
And saw its battles fought.

I dreamt I was the thinker’s mind,
So beautiful and bright.
Because he could see
What others could not,
A change shall be made tonight.

I dreamt I was the wise man’s soul,
Floating as though a bird.
Sharing each breath
When closest to death,
His voice still fighting to be heard.

A Cruel Reality

The smooth, effortless flight
Of the mere grey-feathered bird
Shall change the way we think;
And make sure its song is heard:
‘Our reality is not separation;
But the intertwining of all life.
Our reality is not separation,
But the worthlessness of sight.
If one could only see
Into the hearts of those,
Those who he loves and cares for,
Then greed would decompose.’

How can we sit, content,
When a mile away,
A country away,
A world away,
Our brothers and sisters
Are suffering and dying
Each and every day?

What is wrong with the world?
The undeniable fact
That we are divided.

But what is right with the world
Is the undeniable fact
That we have the ability to change.

The Meaning of Life

What mysteries hide
Beneath this life’s skin?
Is there another page to turn?
Where does my story begin?
Dreams are composed of the present,
And the future is composedĀ of dreams.
But one shall never know
How life truly seems.
One will be kept pondering,
And one shall never see
The secret of life’s wonders,
Locked up with no key.
You cannot force the answer,
Unsure you must remain.
Live this life as though you are not,
And you shan’t live in vain.

The Moon

The moon sits upon
The starlit night sky.
Watching all the comets,
Wishing she could fly.
The children dream below
Her pale perfect face,
As she waits for all the world
To fall back into place.
She watches all the shadows,
She hears the cry of night.
Yet there she stays, waiting,
Yearning for daylight.




I Wait

I wait for life to happen,
I wait for love to come.
I’ll hope until my heart grows weak,
To Death I shan’t succumb.
I fly with the wings of freedom,
I sing with the voice of youth.
My soul forever lives in peace,
My pleading is the truth.
Forever I will hope,
Until the day shall come.
The day when life falls into place,
And Death is overcome.


Before the world was new,
All those years ago;When life was still a seed,
And love would come and go.
When trees were standing tall,
And birds were flying high;
But now the world is cruel,
And love shall surely die.
Before the storm cloud came,
When the sun was still in place;
Life was still a joy,
Until we stared it in the face.
We realized all its flaws,
We studied all its gaps.
Now love has truly fallen,
And life will never last.